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STM32F030 first board

Question asked by Laga.Freya on Oct 28, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2015 by mckenney.bruce
Hi to all,
I would like to create my own board using a STM32F030K6T6, but I have some doubts about sending the program from PC to MCU flash.
According to datasheet I should tie BOOT0 to '1' and use PA2 and PA3 (USART1) for communication between MCU and PC.
In this way if I use an USB to UART adapter such as FT232 I should be able to download my program.
Is it right?

Second question: which tool can I use to download the program?
ST-LINK does not seem to use COM port, so, what can I do?

And, at last, how can I set nBOOT1 to '1' if I have not yet programed the MCU?

Thank you