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Running SPI communication example between two STM32 Discovery boards

Question asked by lieber.sommer on Oct 26, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2015 by 68516
I am referring to the example project involving two STM32 Discovery boards for an SPI communication between the two boards provided by ST:


The readme.txt states the connection that need to be made between the two boards. I am however confused as to how to run this project since there are two projects, one for the Master and one for the slave with corresponding .eww files. As far as I have understood, each board has to be flashed with its corresponding code, which I have done.

What I don't understand is the next step after flashing the two boards separately. I now have connected the two boards to power and made the necessary connections between them and am running the main in the Master folder. Shouldn't the program work this way.

I may also be completely wrong in the way I am running this example. Any help regarding this would be much appreciated.