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How to use Zones in Touch Sensing Library STM32L053

Question asked by adoxp on Oct 25, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2015 by Thierry GUILHOT

I'm currently working on a project where I have 8 touchkeys @ 3 banks.
This is working just fine. But to speed up my prox detection (wake up) of a device I would like to add one more bank (where all channels are used) and use zones to just sample on this bank. With this I would like to speed up the touch detection process in a wake up application.

Can anybody help me with information on how to make this setup?
Is it possible to create another bank with same dest and source?

 {&MyChannels_Src[0], &MyChannels_Dest[0], MyChannels_Data, BANK_0_NBCHANNELS, BANK_0_MSK_CHANNELS, BANK_0_MSK_GROUPS},
  {&MyChannels_Src[2], &MyChannels_Dest[2], MyChannels_Data, BANK_1_NBCHANNELS, BANK_1_MSK_CHANNELS, BANK_1_MSK_GROUPS},
  {&MyChannels_Src[5], &MyChannels_Dest[5], MyChannels_Data, BANK_2_NBCHANNELS, BANK_2_MSK_CHANNELS, BANK_2_MSK_GROUPS},
{&MyChannels_Src[0], &MyChannels_Dest[0], MyChannels_Data, BANK_3_NBCHANNELS, BANK_3_MSK_CHANNELS, BANK_3_MSK_GROUPS},


TSL_tIndex_T MyBankSortingNormal_mode[4] = { 0, 1, 2, 3};
TSL_Zone_T MyZone2 = {
 3 // Number of Banks in the Zone

TSL_tIndex_T MyBankSortingFast_mode[4] = {3, 0, 1, 2};
TSL_Zone_T MyZoneFast_mode = {
 1 // Number of Banks in the Zone

in tsl_user_Exec() I've added:
 if (TSL_acq_ZoneConfig(&MyZoneFast_mode , idx_bank) != TSL_STATUS_ERROR)
 // Old content of tsl_user_Exec();