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use cortex debug support to detect a fault

Question asked by sullacorda on Oct 21, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2015 by sullacorda
I'm working on a project on a STM32F429 and we experienced every 10 or more days a board reset. Based on the fault handler I detect that somebody is wasting my memory but I cannot get who is wasting it. I left a pc on debug on the board but after many days I cannot trigger while on the 50 boards in the lab I can get a reset almost every day. Considering I cannot use 50 pc in debug I was thinking if it's possible to enable the debug core after program init, manually enable a memory write watchpoint, enable the debug core irq and get in the irq the call stack to know who is wasting my memory, store in non volatile ram and then reset. I guess it should be feasible  but I cannot find anything online.  Can you point me out to some documentation?