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Re-installing the DFU Firmware on an STM32F205RFT6

Question asked by deco.john on Oct 17, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2015 by deco.john
Hi Community,

I was using a NetDuino 2 Board which is just an STM32F205. Since I couldn't get the USB HID device to work correctly I thought I would take a shot at making my own firmware for the board. I created a blinking LED App. It worked! Compiled it using Keil MKD v5. Converted the .HEX file to a .DFU

Then Performed an "UPGRADE" on the board. The LED is blinking just how I programmed it. However, I see that what I should have done was to UPLOAD the .DFU program I believe. So I've overwritten the DFU Bootloader. I've searched everywhere in this forum for help on this so please excuse if this is a really fundamental question.

I realize I need to use the ST-LINK board and the JTAG interface to fix this.

How do I create another .DFU Bootloader Firmware for my STM32F205RFT6 MCU and using ST-LINK to upload it?

Thank you.