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STM32F7 vs STM32F4 performances

Question asked by malot.edouard on Oct 15, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2015 by malot.edouard

I have got a question about  performances of the STM32F7 vs STM32F4. (Sorry I didn’t found the answer on the web). 

If I run the processors at the same frequency, and execute code from internal flash does STM32F7 will be faster than the F4?

If I have a good understand, one major advantage of cortex m-7 series compare to cortex m-4 is the introduction of cache. But If I execute code from internal flash does it increase performance compare to ART accelerator already existing on ST cortex m-4? (In STM32F4 documentation I can read “Based on CoreMark benchmark, the performance achieved thanks to the ART accelerator is equivalent to 0 wait state program execution from Flash memory at a CPU frequency up to 180 MHz.”).

Thanks for your help