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stm32f4 discovery SDIO write block got cry failed

Question asked by yy.hh on Oct 15, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2015 by yy.hh
I'm porting SDcard code from FatFS_uSD_FreeRTOS for stm32446_eval in STM32Cube to stm32f4-discovery.

Reading blocks seems fine, but writing blocks failed.

I debugged with GDB. 

when write it returned crc failed.
here is the backtrace:

#0  HAL_SD_WriteBlocks (hsd=0x20001288, pWriteBuffer=0x20000e24, WriteAddr=16384, BlockSize=512,
    NumberOfBlocks=1) at ./st_hal/Drivers/STM32F4xx_HAL_Driver/Src/stm32f4xx_hal_sd.c:810
#1  0x0800529c in BSP_SD_WriteBlocks (pData=0x20000e24, WriteAddr=8388608, BlockSize=512,
    NumOfBlocks=1) at bsp/bsp_sd.c:301
#2  0x08017d1a in SD_write (lun=0 '\000', buff=0x20000e24 "A.", sector=16384, count=1)
    at ./st_hal/Middlewares/Third_Party/FatFs/src/drivers/sd_diskio.c:139
#3  0x08011d4a in disk_write (pdrv=0 '\000', buff=0x20000e24 "A.", sector=16384, count=1)
    at ./st_hal/Middlewares/Third_Party/FatFs/src/diskio.c:123
#4  0x08012292 in sync_window (fs=0x20000e24) at ./st_hal/Middlewares/Third_Party/FatFs/src/ff.c:784
#5  0x0801231c in move_window (fs=0x20000e24, sector=12596)
    at ./st_hal/Middlewares/Third_Party/FatFs/src/ff.c:812
#6  0x08012618 in get_fat (fs=0x20000e24, clst=88)
    at ./st_hal/Middlewares/Third_Party/FatFs/src/ff.c:924
#7  0x080129b6 in create_chain (fs=0x20000e24, clst=0)
    at ./st_hal/Middlewares/Third_Party/FatFs/src/ff.c:1091
#8  0x08014f98 in f_write (fp=0x20001058, buff=0x20001efc, btw=15, bw=0x20001f10)
    at ./st_hal/Middlewares/Third_Party/FatFs/src/ff.c:2791
#9  0x08005094 in uSD_Thread (argument=0x0) at tasks/mytasks.c:65