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stm32f2 SD card corruption

Question asked by joine.loic on Oct 12, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2015 by joine.loic
Hi to all,

Did anybody experience random corruption of bits (not byte) on a SDcard..?

We are using an stm32f217 with RTX, FlashFS and tcp from Keil, v4.70.
uSD card is connected through SDIO port.We are using 2Gb uSD card from Transcend (FAT32).

After several days/months we get problems with the uSD card and we have spotted 3 different levels of corruption:
uSD card is not readable anymore by the embedded system but a computer can
uSD card is not readable both by embedded system and computer
uSD card is still readable but files are corrupted

After a while we discovered some random bits corruptions on the SD card (both in the FAT32 sectors and in the memory blocks). Some systems have been running for years without any problems..

Thanks in advance for your interest and replies!