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Problem with OV7670 (no FIFO)

Question asked by trung_thanh.nguy.001 on Oct 10, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2015 by trung_thanh.nguy.001
Hi Everyone,

I am working on OV7670 module (no FIFO) with STM32F407 chip. Due to I want to get image in 640x480 pixels so I try to manual scan (don't use DMCI). I set REG_CLKRC = CLK_EXT and control clock (set LOW/HIGH for PA8) to get data. The result seems good except there is a "white" space on top. I can call transparent white space because I still see items.

This is dynamic area because sometime it is very small some time it very large. Sometime it is disappeared. I don't understand it. Can you help me?
Thank you very much.