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OV2640 camera CIF mode ??

Question asked by t.muhammad on Oct 9, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2015 by Clive One
Hullo guys, 
Im using the OV2640 sensor to stream video and everything worked fine when it is in the default UXGA mode. My images are 320*240 pixels, so I wanted to move to the CIF mode for faster frame rate . The problem is that the datasheet is a real mess and I'm not sure what I might be messing . I have the following registers with the corresponding values : 
{0x12, 0x10} // CIF mode 
{0x18, 0x43}
{0x19, 0x00}
{0x32, 0x09}
{0x03, 0x06}
{0xc0, 0x32}
{0xc1, 0x2A}
{0x50, 0x00}
{0x51, 0x64}
{0x52, 0x54}
{0x53,  0x00}
{0x54,  0x00}
{0x57,  0x00}
{0x5a,   0x50}
  {0x5c,  0x00}
// Those are the values that I changed from the previous working UXGA mode . 
Any ideas?