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STM32F030x DMA offset by 1 half-word (2 bytes)

Question asked by chris.chris.001 on Oct 9, 2015
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I find that DMA works correctly, but that an internal hardware counter (register) [IMHO] starts the DMA off by one word.  Link to example is below.  (i.e. first sample is placed into array[1], last sample is placed into array[0].

Within the datasheet, the obvious culprets would seem to be:
3. Failure to clear out the DMA_InitStructure. 

For 1 and 2, I tried adjusting to 0, and buffer-size and buffer-size-1, Buffer-size+1, etc.
For 3, I memset the struct to zero.

I suspect that (in the case of the sample code below) the HW is not quite set-up correctly.  Even after reset.

I found some discussion of a M0AR register, which I can find no documentation for.

Is there a way to access the internal registers so that I could force an allignment?  Or, is there a-non-obvious bug I missed?

Advise, please.

I refer to this link: