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Timer to measure PWM signal and redirect to another GPIO

Question asked by cook.steve on Oct 8, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2015 by cook.steve
I want to create a PWM pass-through program that will read a PWM duty cycle from an RC receiver on a pin (Pulse-width: 1ms-2ms @ 50Hz) and then output that duty cycle on another GPIO Pin at 50Hz. 
(eventually, the program will alter the pulse-width values if a condition occurs but for now I'm attempting the pass-through.)

I've heard that you can redirect a timers capture channel to output to another peripheral. Would this be suitable?
I have also heard of doing a DMA Peripheral-to-Peripheral transfer, is that a possible solution?
I'll be running this off of the STM32F407VGTx Board.

I'm an engineer who was taught MC's using 8051's and PLC's, and of course Arduino boards. I have a solid understanding of the STM32's general operation as a MC. What I lack is the intuition of when and where to use the STM32's peripheral features (like Timer CC channels and such) in order to take full advantage over the level of control this chip offers.