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Read Out Protection, Update Bootloader.

Question asked by dang_son.hai on Oct 7, 2015
Dear all.
I want to ask about the Read Out Protection of STM32.
I don't make sure can ask you here or not. If that make effect on you. I will so sorry for your inconvenience.
Now my Situation is:
1/ I have a board with "My bootloader" address 0x08000000. The "Main FW" at 0x08005000.
2/ The board had Read Out Protection Enable. I did it for secure for our product.
3/ Now I can update the "Main FW" via "My bootloader".
4/ BUT, I want to update "My bootloader". I try to make a Main FW can update bootloader.
But the problem is: Because the Read Out Protection Enable. Follow the 
"PM0075 Programming manual STM32F10xxx Flash memory microcontrollers" I can not update bootloader again.
I have a idea to bring the FW to Internal Flash all Mass erase the Flash Memory to make Read Out Protection Disable.
But I'm not sure that is the solution or not, Or have another way to make Read Out Protection Disable by code (not use tool)?
Would you like to help me? Give me some advance.
Thanks and Best regards.