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Can't launch stm32f107x_cl from external clock

Question asked by r_spb on Oct 7, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2015 by Clive One
In my project with stm32f107 i use 25 MHz quartz crystal multiplying it to 48 MHz.
In IAR project preprocessor options i defined:
In stm32f10x.h i defined:
#define HSE_VALUE    ((uint32_t)25000000)
in system_stm32f10x.c i defined:
#define SYSCLK_FREQ_48MHz  48000000

After detecting timing troubles in project i decided to check system frequencies with the help of RCC_GetClocksFreq function.
  printf("sys clk: %d\n", RCC_ClockFreq.SYSCLK_Frequency);
  printf("hclk: %d\n", RCC_ClockFreq.HCLK_Frequency);
  printf("adc clk: %d\n", RCC_ClockFreq.ADCCLK_Frequency);
  printf("pclk1: %d\n", RCC_ClockFreq.PCLK1_Frequency);
  printf("pclk1: %d\n", RCC_ClockFreq.PCLK2_Frequency);
And printf results are all "0"!
In other way setting HSE_VALUE as system clock source gives "1".

Have i missed something or i should look for mistake on a hardware level.'?