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Signal Generator using STM32F4 Family

Question asked by sterevo on Oct 7, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2015 by sterevo
Hello, i got a trouble designing a rectangular signal generator, with specification like these:

1. I need to generate a 1 MHz rectangular signal, (i got it already)
2. Next was 1,0001 MHz, and i screwed up.

So, i just curious, is there any way to create that using STM32F4, maybe like applying a frequency shifting function so i can make a signal generator like this:

1 Mhz + xx Hz, or 100 kHz + xx Hz

Or maybe it is impossible to make so i am just circling aroung all these time?

Please anyone? I am new here and to these STM32 things, so i'll be glad if there is some help, and pardon me for my bad language.