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I2C on stm32f301

Question asked by artag on Oct 6, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2015 by artag
I've started development of an application on an STM32F3 discovery baord, and am moving onto the target board, which uses an STM32F301.

I can't get the I2C peripherals to run. If can bit-bash I2C on the GPIO, but not use the integrated parts. These (at least, some of them) were OK on the 303 on the discovery board.

I've gone through the configuration registers and changed everything as far as I can see them but I'm apparently missing something. The pins don't clock, and the transfers time out.

Any idea what I should look at ? Is there some critical difference between 301 and 303 that I'm missing ?

It's very difficult to find online information about the 301 and some of the example code doesn't support it. Is it a dead end ?