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STM32L151 - leaving Standby mode with time-stamp

Question asked by kecskes.gergely on Oct 2, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2015 by kecskes.gergely

Well, my question is that is it possible to leave Standy mode on STM32L151 after a given time (lets say 30 sec)? 

I have designed a custom board, and did not include a 32.768kHz oscillator for RTC, nor did I connect anything to the wakeup pin. I just want to put the controller into Stadby mode, and then leave it after a given time. I have read throug the datasheett, and I've found out there's an option to use time-stamp, but I did not find any other useful information about it.

Can someone please a little "enlighten me", or privide any examples? I'd much appreciate it!

Thanks in advanced!