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USB2 audio class v2 - stack availability?

Question asked by m.carlos on Oct 2, 2015

I am currently working with Stm32f4 and starting with F7. there are alot of good examples but there isn't any related to audio class v2.Does anyone know why and if it is because is not possible to implement it in a STM32F4/F7?i would like to know before trying to do it by myself.
With classAudio v2 is possible to carry many audio channels, other guess is how to get them into the MCU since it has just a few I2S ports, maybe thru a parallel FIFO from a dsp or fpga?
Or is it possible or even better to do it at high speed with a CDC class, or HID custom class??but in this case, would a PC software recognise it as a sound card or so??