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STM32F4Discovery problem recording/playing at the same time

Question asked by haye.dorian on Sep 30, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2015 by haye.dorian

I am using the STM32F4Discovery board with the audio codec. I want to play and record sound simultaneously.
I have use the Audio_playback_and_record to understand how it work.
Then I have use a very simple code to try to play a sound. At this point I'm able to play a sound.
 Then I have try to record a sound and this is also working.
But when I'm trying to record sound and play sound as the same time it is not working.

I'm able to heard sound but this sound is slower than the voice in input. I'm working at 8kHz and when I use play/record as the same time I need to play at 24khz to hear the good speed of the voice.

What the problem could be ? because in my mind record and play are independant .