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F2/F4 Security against reverse engineering

Question asked by new guy on Sep 28, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2015 by new guy
There are facilities in china where you can hire resources for 200 US dollars an hour to reverse engineer microprocessors even if the flash protection bits are set or fuses blown - for example one technique is to pop the lid, isolated the program counter and increment it to scan through memory on the CPU buses (using dual beam fib/sem equipment and laying down platinum circuitry with the beam). I once got a quote of USD 16k to reverse engineer an F2. 

I was just wondering how secure f2/f4 is when all is said and down. I know there are things we can do like tie each image to a given chip by matching against the hash of the unique id (because using the id straight would be too easy to find in the raw hex). Wondering if there are any other interesting tricks or features, and also interested to see if there are any horror stories here of people having their (f2/f4) products cloned?