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Std Periphal Libs f2/f4 - Flash Example

Question asked by new guy on Sep 27, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2015 by Amel N
I tried the std peripheral library Flash example where you store variables in flash sectors 2 - 5. When set up as per the instructions in the read me file - it didn't work (no effect on MemoryProgramStatus, which signifies success).

Anyway - I tried various things including:

Setting IROM1 (default + startup selected)  Start: 0x8000000    Size: 0x7999
           IROM2 (default selected)                 Start: 0x8040000   Size: 0x9FFFC
The reason I focused on the above as most likely to succeed is that the example 
writes to sectors 2 to 5, so the area for the virtual eeprom needs to starts at 0x08008000 inclusive and runs to 0x08040000 non-inclusive. So the IROMs above poke that hole in the flash, don't they?

Still no success. 

Shouldn't this example just run out of the box? Did it for other people?
I have an f417igh6 on an geval board. 
All help gratefully received!