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Flash as EEPROM / FW Code Image Collision (avoiding)

Question asked by new guy on Sep 26, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2015 by Clive One

I am working from the olfd Std FW peripheral libs - gave up on cube.

There is an interesting "flash" example project for storing run-time configuration variables.
It has sectors/addresses defined so you can decide what block of memory to use for your run-time storage operation. 

What I wanted to ask is this. 

Is there some way to be assured that the location I select for run-time flash write operations will not clash/overwrite that sector of memory used to store the firmware image itself?

Is there something in the the "flash" example that gaurantees it - for example are the storage sectors defined somehow gauranteed not to be used for fw image storage, or is it all the same pool of flash?

Is there a possibility of a sample scatter file somewhere that can be used to enforce separation (keil v5)?

Or if there is some other established wisdom on how to handle this risk, please let me know. 

Also, I find the forum is serving up garbage data for all but the most recent posts - is this happening for others or is it just my ancient pc?