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STM32L151 and microSD card

Question asked by Mikrogut on Sep 24, 2015

I want to connect a microSD card to my STM32L151CBU6 MCU and read/write data to this uSD card. I have made the schematics, but I am unsure if I have connected the uSD card holder correctly to the MCU (see attachment). I think I want to run the uSD card in SPI mode since the MCU don't have a SDIO interface.

Wire run list to the MCU:
SPI1_MISO <-> pin 16/PA6/SPI1_MISO
SPI1_CS <-> pin 14/PA4 
SPI1_SCK <-> pin 15/PA5/SPI1_SCK
SPI1_MOSI <-> pin 17/PA7/SPI1_MOSI

The NMOS is added to make me able to reset/disconnect the power to the uSD card.

Can anyone verify the MCU uSD card connection please?