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USB connection ends with TXERR

Question asked by radosoft.emmil on Sep 23, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2015 by radosoft.emmil
Hi there forum,

I would like to connect a USB pen to my STM32F4-Discovery kit.

I am using libraries from, and the GPIO, USB initialization code and the usb_conf.h and usbh_conf.h files are from Audio_playback_and_record example.

After connecting a USB disk to the system the host state machine idles in HOST_CTRL_XFER, polling the USB state, which is always URB_IDLE.

Looking at the corresponding host channel interrupt register, I see, that TXERR flag has been set, which according the documentation can mean:
  • CRC check failure
  • Timeout
  • Bit stuff error
  • False EOP
The USB disk works on my computer and the cable I am using is working as expected, too.

Can anyone give me few pointers where to look for solutions?