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SWD not working on STM32F303RET6

Question asked by SviMik on Sep 22, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2015 by Clive One
Hi all,

My problem is quite unusual, and I need some new ideas.

I can't make SWD connection working on STM32F303RET6. I'm constantly getting "Can not connect to target" message.
  • I have installed the latest version of ST-LINK, and also upgraded the debugger firmware to the latest version.
  • I have tried the same debugger with STM32F303CCT6, and it works fine.
  • I tried two STM32F303RET6 MCUs to make sure this is not an occasional MCU defect.
  • I checked the errata sheet, and didn't found any SWD problem there.
  • I have checked the electrical connections dozen times, comparing with both STM32CubeMX and MCU datasheet.
  • SWD pins aren't used in my circuit
  • Empty MCU (new, without any firmware) acts the same way.
  • I'm still able to boot in DFU mode, and upload firmware with USB. This makes me think the MCU is powered up correctly.

What could possibly go wrong?