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Merging sample Firmware, CubeMX version

Question asked by new guy on Sep 18, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2015 by obid.matic
In the old days on the B-eval F1 board, I would pick out some sample FW projects and hand merge them into one bigger working monolith - and then use that as a starting point....

...but now we have cubeMX and I'm lost. 

Lets say that I wanted to create a monolith on an F4 G-eval board that pulls together a few different examples to create an application. To do this, I am supposed to use CubeMX to generate the bare bones of configuration that I need to pull it all together - then merge all sample code in one main.c file, right?

So lets say I want to include the TIM_timebase example, which requires TIM3.

My first problem is that it doesn't seem possible to open that TIM_timebase sample project in CubeMX to see how things are configured for that project in all the GUI you have to set up.

My next problem is - I can't make sense of it. One screens asks me for the total number of timers I want to use. Yet on the next screen I can configure more than that number of timers. And I don't know how to configure those timer options in the Pinout and Configuration GUI - the sample project offers no guidance on that. This is why it would be helpful to open sample projects in CubeMX, but I don't think I can do that???

Is there some easier way to do it? Some trick I am missing?
Should I just try to hand merge project files together like I used to?  Is it only system_stm32f4xx, stm32f4xx_it and its h file, and the hal_conf files I would have to hand merge, or can changes between projects run deeper then that?
Of course, if I go that route - why not use the non-cube legacy FW samples instead?