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STM32F427IIH6 Boot Problem

Question asked by li.kun.002 on Sep 18, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2015 by li.kun.002
Hi, currently I am using STM32F427IIH6 for my application, which is a 176+25 UFBGA package chip with its minimum circuit. When I am trying to upload my bootloader to the chip, the debugger fails to recognize the device. The debugger I am using is Black Magic Probe following the steps from ( and it keeps giving me the failure message "Target Voltage 3.3V \\ SW-DP scan failed!" when I run the line "monitor swdp_scan", which is to scan the device using serial wire debugger. However, the process can be done with other devices as STM32F407 and STM32F103. 

The default boot address is the user flash with my current circuit and I have also tried to boot from the system memory and the SRAM. All of the methods I tried but get the same reply of "SW-DP scan failed". I am not sure what may cause this problem, which may be the schematics error, soldering problem or any other reasons. I have checked the schematics for several times and no error detected yet. Now I am totally at a loss what to do with it. Please help to suggest me.

Thank you very much!!