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STM32L152 Nucleo Reading 16-bit Sensor Register

Question asked by p.raul on Sep 17, 2015
I am using STM32L152 Nucleo (Nucleo L152RE) with ALS sensor connected to it.ALS sensor has a 16 bit data register containing both MSB and LSB .
Below is the register Map 
0x04 15:8 MSB Data of whole ALS 16bits 
           7:0  LSB Data of whole ALS 16bits 

Read : 

Write : 
S-Slave-Address-Wr-A-Command-Code-A-S-Slave-Address-Rd-A-Data LSB-A-Data-MSB-A-P

where : 

Below is the code Which I am using to read the registers MSB and LSB but I am always getting MSB as 0xFF while LSB shows some data which I believe is correct.

        uint8_t ubuff8[2];
        uint16_t ubuff16;
    } buffer;
      uint8_t const length = 2U;
        //  Do a block read of sensor data
    status = als_sensor_read_raw_register(0x04, buffer.ubuff8, length);
uint als_sensor_read_raw_register(uint8_t const register_address,uint8_t * buffer,uint8_t  length)    

   als_buffer[0] = register_address; //0x04
   pBuffer = als_buffer;
   uint8_t len = 1;
    if ((2 == length))
         if( HAL_I2C_Master_Transmit(&hi2c1, ALS_ADDRESS_8_BIT, (uint8_t*)pBuffer,len, 1) == HAL_OK)     
     if( HAL_I2C_Master_Receive(&hi2c1, ALS_ADDRESS_8_BIT, (uint8_t*)buffer,length, 1) == HAL_OK)
              status = true;
            //  data1 = buffer[0]; //for debugging - shows correct data
           //  data2 = buffer[1];  //for debugging - shows 0xFF always
              status = false;

I think the reason for this is The smt32l1xx library in the HAL_Transmit is sending a stop in the library and I am using the same Transmit for both read and write

/* Wait until TXE flag is set */
    if(I2C_WaitOnFlagUntilTimeout(hi2c, I2C_FLAG_TXE, RESET, Timeout) != HAL_OK)
      return HAL_TIMEOUT;

    /* Generate Stop */

    /* Wait until BUSY flag is reset */
    if(I2C_WaitOnFlagUntilTimeout(hi2c, I2C_FLAG_BUSY, SET, Timeout) != HAL_OK)

It will work for write but not for multibyte read .Am I correct?.Can some one please review this and tell me what I am doing wrong here.How can I read the 16 bit register(containing both LSB and MSB data) of the Sensor in STM32l152 or STM32 Nucleo.With the same code Sensor having  different 8 bit LSB and MSB data register I can read both the MSB and LSB data correctly.
Please assist.
Thanks in advance