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No boot Loader response on STM32F334 discovery board

Question asked by Philippe on Sep 17, 2015
i'm using the STM32F334C8 discovery board and i want to use the boot loader.
I set Boot0 to 3,3V and restart the board.
When i send the 0x7F data to the USART1 RX pin, i get no answer from the board.
The nBoot1 bit is set to 1 so the microcontroller should go into the boot loader mode as described in the documentation.
The flash protection is at level 0 (no protection).
I can see that the board doesn't jump to my application (because some leds are turned off) so i think it jumps to the boot loader mode or embedded SRAM mode.
The Usart communication works because i use it in my application. I can see the byte 0x7F on the pin with my oscilloscope.
Com parameters are : 8 bits, even parity and 1 stop bit
Thanks in advance