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Question asked by paveglio.giovani.002 on Sep 15, 2015
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We developed a board with STM32F407 and a 7" TFT with SSD1963, when this board was projected we didn't know STemWin library and the bus interface was connected on I/O pins like this:

SSD1963     --->    STM32F407IG
DB0...DB15 --->     PE0....PE15
CS               --->      PD2
DC               --->      PD3
RD                --->     PD0
WR               --->      PD1
TE                 --->     PD5

We want to know if is there a way to configure this pins to use with stemwin library or we have to route again our board to use other pins like the ones used on STM324xG-EVAL?