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Question asked by Balas on Sep 12, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2015 by Balas
Hi All,

I'm trying to build an application which can receive commands through UART, and can also send messages.
I have created 2 threads using FreeRTOS: one for a continuous RX, and one for a repetitive TX.

The RX task seems to run fine, it captures all the raw data coming in through the UART. However in the other thread when I'm trying to send out a few bytes, I always got a HAL_BUSY flag.

I'm using HAL drivers, and project is generated with MXCube.
I'm not using currently a DMA or even an IT callback, I'm just trying to get things working first with the most simple blocking RX/TX.

I'm wondering if I should synchronise the reader and writer flags - however if the UART peripheral is meant to be full duplex then parallel TX and RX should work.

The whole communication is going to be used to manage an ESP8266 through UART with AT command set. Also looking at the SPWF01.

Please advise, thanks,