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SPI on STM32F4 Discovery and STM32F429

Question asked by nguyen.linh.008 on Sep 10, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2015 by decha
Please help me for this situation.
I am using both STM32F4 DISCOVERY and CORE STM32F429 board
I use SPI standard driver to read ADS1292 chip from TI but I have a tricky problem.
SPI2 was used to read data from ADS1292, the code works fine with STM32F4 DISCOVERY but when I change to STM32F429 it doesn't work.
I already checked all registers of SPI2, they were same on both boards.
In the code, I also used SPI1 to read data from another chip (AFE4400) and it works fine on STM32F4 Discovery and stm32f429.
Could you help me please!
Thanks in advance