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STM32F4 Interrupt/DMA/Array issue

Question asked by Snyder.Joe.001 on Sep 3, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2015 by Snyder.Joe.001
I'm having a problem where when I try to access an array from within a timer interrupt callback, everything seems to fall apart.  To keep it simple, I have:

Timer 2 is set up to interrupt every 10us.  Timer 3 is set up to interrupt every 10ms (1000x longer than Timer 2).  Those interrupts are verified by toggling I/Os.  That works great.

I have a 3 element array (RealTimeADCValue[3]), that I have continuous ADC conversion set up on ADC 0-2 with DMA.  I can see those values in STM Studio and output them to a display.  That works great too.

I'm trying to tally up a running total of the ADC channel 0 values with each Timer 2 tick.  Essentially, tally up ADC values with each 10us tick (1000 samples) until Timer 3 rolls over, then store that total.

The callback code is:
void HAL_TIM_PeriodElapsedCallback(TIM_HandleTypeDef *htim)
  if (htim->Instance==TIM2)               //this timer is 1000x longer than TIM3
    ADCSamplesLast=ADCSamplesWorking;   //store number of samples taken, then reset
    ADCTallyLast=ADCTallyWorking;       //store the tally of ADC values, then reset
  if (htim->Instance==TIM3)
   //ADCTallyWorking = ADCTallyWorking + RealTimeADCValue[0];  //add up the ADC values (have tried "+=" as well...)
   ADCSamplesWorking++;    //inc count of samples taken

With it as-is, with the tallying of the ADC array commented out, it reads as expected, and "ADCSamplesLast" is ~1000.  However, when I un-comment that line, the number of samples taken goes to like 2500, and it only stores one ADC value in ADCTallyLast.  I even just tried reading "RealTimeADCValue[0]" into a dummy variable with the same results.  Is there something I'm not getting about accessing an array, controlled by DMA, from within a callback? 

Thanks for your input.