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ADC Dual - Scan - Continuous mode at the same time ??

Question asked by obid.matic on Sep 3, 2015

Does anyone know, if it's possible to use the mentioned combination? I have 8 Channels - 4 on ADC1 and 4 on ADC2. If I have Continuous mose disabled, it works nicely. I make two parallel AD sequences on both ADCs (ADC1 is master). I transfer results with DMA as 4 32-bit words into array of 8 16-bit variables.

If I enable Continuous mode on both ADC's, it doesn't work properly. Listed pairs of variables in array (0-8, 1-9, 2-10, 3-11, 4-12, 5-13, 6-14, 7-15) should always be (almost) equal. But they are not.

Does anyone have an idea?  Thanks