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Barracuda App Server for 32F746GDISCOVERY

Question asked by SurferDude on Sep 2, 2015
Barracuda Application Server Demo for the Discovery Board(32F746GDISCOVERY)

The Barracuda Application Server Demo includes a web based code editor, where you can develop your server side web application directly in a browser, in real time, using the Lua scripting language. The demo enables rapid prototyping of any type of web-based user interface.

Discovery board home page:

  1. Download the Barracuda App Server:
  3. Unzip in any directory.
  5. Download and install the STM32 ST-LINK Utility:
  7. Insert an Ethernet cable into the Discovery Board and connect    the other end to your network.
  9. Attach the Discovery Board to your PC via USB.
  11. Start the STM32 ST-LINK Utility.
  13. In the menu, click Target -> Connect. This command connects    to your Discovery Board.
  15. In the menu, click File -> Open file -> browse to    STM32746G_DISCOVERY.hex and load.
  17. In the menu, click Target -> Program & Verify. This    command uploads the firmware and resets the board.
The Discovery Board should now reboot and you should see "BarracudaApplication Server Demo" being printed on the LCD screen.  After a few seconds, the board's IP address should also be printed on the LCD. Use a browser and navigate to this IP address. You should thensee the demo's web user interface.

The Barracuda Application Server Demo is an example from ourBarracuda Application Server SDK called the LSP Application Manager,which includes a web based code editor, where you can develop yourweb pages. The pages are stored on your PC, and the LSP Application Manager fetches the pages on your PC using a Network File System. For the network file system to work, the Web File Server (wfs.exe) must be running on your PC. See the following video for instructions:

Editing Pages

  1.  Make sure wfs.exe runs on your PC.
  3. Use a browser and navigate to the Discovery Board's IP    address.
  5. In your browser, click the "New Application" tab.
  7. Enter http://your-PC-IP-Address:port-numbr/fs/ in the    "Directory/ZIP File" input field and click the browse button.    The ":port-number" is only required if the Web File Server    (wfs.exe) is not listening on port 80.
  9. Navigate to a location where you want to store the new    web-app (or create a new directory).
  11. Double click to select the directory, and click Submit to    initiate the new application wizard.
  13. Follow the wizard as described on the following video:


We recommend that you download the Barracuda Application Server Demo for Windows (includes documentation and tutorials) and complete the tutorials prior to using the LSP Application Manager on the Discovery Board. Alternatively, use the online (non functional) tutorials and use the online documentation.

Online tutorials:
Online documentation: