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Using USB OTG library STM32F207

Question asked by ragazzi.valerio on Sep 2, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2015 by ragazzi.valerio
Hi, i'm using USB-OTG periphery of STM32F207ZE microcontollers.
I'm a beginner in the program this micro.
I'm using the library stm32_f105-07_f2_f4_usb-host-device_lib but don't know how to fit my case.
I would like to use the USB-OTG to connect my EVAL OLIMEX STM32-P207 with the PC (dual-role USB).

I want to know if there is a good tutorial to learn how to set up libraries to properly use the USB-OTG on STM32F207.

Can you help me?

Do you have any suggestion or some firmware that I can study?

thank you all.