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Input capture in STM32F103RC

Question asked by s.kamarajulu on Sep 1, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2015 by s.kamarajulu
    I was trying to configure the input capture in STM32F103RC , and facing issues , The configuration is done as follow 

I was trying to configure TIM1 CH3 ,



    /* reset the Register */
    TIM1->CCMR2 |= 0x0001; /* as input capture for TI3  */

    TIM1->CCER &= ~0x0200;

    TIM1->CCER |=  0x0100;
    TIM1->DIER |= 0x00000008;  /* Enabling CC3 Interrupt Enable */
    TIM1->PSC = 0x00FF;        /* Configuring Prescalar */
    TIM1->DMAR = 0x0000;
    TIM1->ARR = 0x0000;

    /* Configure the capture control for CH3 */
    TIM1->EGR |= 0x00000001;
    TIM1->CR1 |= 0x0001;

Interrupt is not happening and the TIM1_CCR3 register is not getting updated with the Captured value.

Am i missing something ,or should we do anything special to capture signal in TIM1_CH3
Help is very much appreciated
Thanks & regards