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Question regarding ADC and DMA tranfer.

Question asked by obid.matic on Aug 31, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2015 by obid.matic

I make 4 ADCs on ADC1 and other 4 on ADC2. I'm using DUAL mode, so the results are transferred in 32-bit word (one half for ADC1 and another half for ADC2). Thus I need 4 conversion times for all 8 conversions. The destination address for DMA is an array of 8 16-bit words and it works. Let's call this as one sequence.

Now, I would like to make more than one sequence with single trigger for AD start. Let say, I would like to make 10 sequences (for 80 conversions), which would take time equal to 40 conversions (because of DUAL mode).

If I am correct, I should define a destination array for DMA as 80 16-bit words and set the number of DMA tranfers to 40 (40 times of 32-bit).

ADC should be configured in SCAN mode as well. But now, I am not sure how should be "number of conversions" configured? As I said, I have 4 channels on each ADC and each ADC should go 10 times over the same channel (for ADC1: CH0 - CH1 - CH2 - CH3 - CH0 - CH1 - CH2 - CH3 - CH0 - ... 10x like this). And same for ADC2.

Would this work if I set number of conv. to 4 (for both ADCs), and DMA transfers to 40? Would ADC go throug all 40 (10x 4) conversions automatically?