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STM32F070 USB not working

Question asked by hello188 on Aug 28, 2015
Hi. I am using STM32F070CB with libraries STM32F10x_L1xx_F3xx_USBL(v4.0.0) and STM32F0xxSPL(v1.1.0) to implement custom HID to implement simple hello world(PC sends 64 bytes and MCU sends back the same 64 bytes)
The example code worked perfectly for STM32F103CB. 
I ported the same project for STM32F070CB with changing parts only related to IO configuration(set to AF), clock configuration(system, peripheral, and USB), and interrupts. 

When I connect the programmed board to PC, it is recognized as Unknown device. 

Am i supposed to use different library or I need to change something else?

Thank you