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What is a CAN slave? (STM32F2xx)

Question asked by Mr_M_from_G on Aug 27, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2015 by Mr_M_from_G

I want to design CAN as an option into a new project. While working with STM32CubeMX I get offered to use CAN1 as master or CAN2 as slave. Also ref manu says this.
From my earlier experience with CAN I don't know anything about a CAN slave and in fact CAN specs 2.0 don't have a single occurance of the word slave.

So what is it about with STM32's CAN slave?
I want to put two CAN pins on an board header to have them available for later use. This option should be as flexible as possible ie everything concerning CAN should be possible with it. Should I choose CAN1 or CAN2?

Thanks for any info