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Read back RAM contents on STM32F302R8

Question asked by ganesan.karthik on Aug 27, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2015 by ganesan.karthik
Hi, I am running a small program on my nucleo board and it would be very helpful to read back the RAM contents during processing. The IRAM is set in Keil to start @ 0x20000000. But if I set a breakpoint in my code and try to look at the memory, i get an error saying, cannot read memory!

I also tried with the ST Visual Programmer tool, but that only allows me to read program memory ( starting @80000000 ). 

Is there a quick way for me to read back my RAM? I've been using UART but its very slow and painful to go between ASCII ( which is what my UART tool outputs ) and HEX ( which is what I need to see! )

thank you!