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STM32F205 , 64 pin, breakout board

Question asked by takniki.vindhyachal on Aug 26, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2015 by takniki.vindhyachal
1. Is there any breakout board available for STm32F205RBT6?

2. I had some issues with my MCU, which I couldn't resolve:
(thread: SWD floats, STM32F2, code don't run)

3. Problem could be in board or software. To remove any hardware problem, I am redesigning my board. First I am making a small breakout board, so that the design of MCU always remains the same. 

4. Below is attached minimum schemtic required to run MCU.

5. No other pullup-pulldown/cap is required.Right?

6. All ununsed pins will be made GPIO_ANALOG to reduce power consumption.