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STM32F4: Can bus timing and STM32CubeMX

Question asked by pattaro.roberto on Aug 23, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2015 by pattaro.roberto
Hi guys,
i'm try to understand can bus configuration. I need to know if what is in my mind is correct.
I'm using a STM32F4 discovery with the CAN1 configured on pin PD0 and PD1.
I see on the forum that the CAN frequency is set at 42Mhz with the basic configuration, in fact if i go to check in the clock configuration i see that frequency under the APB1 peripheral clocks is 42 Mhz.
If i go into the CAN1 configuration TAB, i have try to put this data:
TQ BS 1 = 14
TQ BS 2 = 6
SJW = 1

I see that the time for one bit is 8000ns what it means? 

from my calculation is: 1000000ns/8000ns = 125 kbps 

Is this correct?