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Stm32l052 temperature sensor calibration problem

Question asked by Baev.Alexander on Aug 21, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2015 by Baev.Alexander
I am working on the temperature controller using stm32l052. I use inbuilt temperature sensor. What am I doing wrong?
TEMP130_CAL_ADDR value here is 0x0395 = 917dec
TEMP30_CAL_ADDR value here is 0x029d = 669dec
Temperature in my room is about 24 degrees celsius.
Value in the ADC_DR  = 866dec.
So using the formula of the refference manual I obtain 60 degrees celsius on the screen.
When I put the device into the fridge I see the decrease of the temperature (to about 48 degrees on the screen - and the change seems valid).
I tried to correct the value with actual power supply voltage of my device, but it is not able to correct the temperature into real value.
What is my next step to the temperature perfection?