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Lost Debug Control after running example test on 446 Eval Board

Question asked by olson.gary.001 on Aug 19, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2015 by olson.gary.001

 was running The Low Power FreeRTOS example on a STM32F446 Eval board (Cortex M4). The operation of the
example is to 

This example creates two threads.

+ A Rx thread that blocks on a queue to wait for data, blinking LED each time data is received (turning it on and then off again) before returning to block on the queue once more.

+ A Tx thread that repeatedly enters the Blocked state for 500ms. On exiting the blocked state the Tx thread sends a value through the queue to the Rx thread (causing the Rx thread to exit the blocked state and blink the LED).

Blocking for a finite period allows the kernel to stop the tick interrupt
and place the STM32 into sleep mode.

In this example, not used GPIO's are configured to analog, this help to reduce
the power consumption of the device


However after I started the program. I get SWD communication failure on the ULINK2.

How can I recover from this? Thanks