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STM32F7 discovery kit problem with QSPI

Question asked by Mina Anton on Aug 15, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2015 by Mina Anton

I'm using the STM32F7 discovery kit from ST with Keil uV5, the kit is great however I tried to reload the demonstration firmware, Keil always reports that "no algorithm found for: <all address in QSPI memory>", I guessed that the problem is about the programming algorithm, I add the only available algorithm for STM32F7 with external QSPI but it is for STM32F75x not STM32F74x and it didn't work.

so how can I solve this issue? is it about proper setting that I missed or I do really need update from Keil? Is it related to hardware setting to do? or I'm completely wrong

Note: I can program the firmware and it work well but without any graphics, it gets some rubbish data and put it in the position of he original images.

Please help and advice