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STMFlashLoader.exe version 2.7 doesn't recognize STM32F3_7x_8x_256K.STMAP

Question asked by lin.james.005 on Aug 14, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2015 by lin.james.005
I'm trying to use ST's STMFlashLoader.exe program, which comes with the STM32™ and STM8™ Flash loader demonstrator package version 2.7. But in MSDoS, it is saying that: This version is not intended to support the <STM32F3_7x_8x_256K.STmap> target. 
Here are the steps I used:
STMFlashLoader.exe -c --pn 19 --br 4800 --to 7000 --pr EVEN --sb 1 --db 8
This step is OK.

2. STMFlashLoader.exe -i STM32F3_7x_8x_256K.STmap
This step has errors. 

Does anyone know the reasons?

Thanks in advance.