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Camera OV7675 JPEG Compression

Question asked by rboldu on Aug 13, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2015 by Mark Edwards

I'm trying to use an ov7675 0.3Mb with the STM32F4209.
The main goal is to stream the data through WiFi, using the module AMW006 from ACK.

What I'm wondering is to use a specific IC to do the compression to JPEG or try to do it on the SMT32F4. I will like to do streaming up to 30FPS, in my opinion it will not be able to do the compression the SMT32F4, is too much data (147Mb/s).
The JPEG compression that I will like to do is 1:26.
The resulting image if my numbers are not wrong is going to be VGA*FPS*JPEG*bits per pixel=(640*480)*30/26*16=6Mb.

What are your feelings?
Is it going to be possible to do the compression on board?
If not, can anyone recommend me a video encoder able to do compression?
Also, another option that it comes to my mind is to use a camera module with JPEG compression, like OV3640. The only think is that I don't know how much compression does. Really hard to find documentation! Anyone know?
Also, not sure about the maximum pixel clock that can have the SMT32F4.