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IBIS Model understanding

Question asked by rosset.romain on Aug 13, 2015
Hello everyone!
I am currently working on a PCB on Altium Designer 15 and I am trying to do some tests on signal integrity but the proper driver on I/Os must be chosen.
I already have the IBIS model "stm32f427_437_429_439_ufbga176.ibs" for my 439 imported but now it ask me to choose the correct ".mac" model for driving.
The main problem is: this list is big and looks like chinese to me.
When you open the IBIS model in text, you can read some descriptions but it's not enough to be sure. For example, the line:

io8p00_ar3wsudq_ft_v33_pd_lv  "SPEED00 1P8V, PD=40kOhm"

As I understand,
  • "io8p" stand for 8 bit port bidirectional gpio
  • "00" is the speed
  • ar3wsudq is ???
  • "ft" is perhaps field transistor
  • "v33" is probably some voltage tolerant information
  • "pd" stand for pulldown (and is 40k)
  • "lv" stand for low voltage (here 1.8V)
I think I am missing a reference to understand what mean all the terms. Especially the ones like: ar3wsudq, arsudq, arwsudq.

Thank for all the help you can provide

Romain Rosset
HW electronic engineer