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SWD floats, STM32F2, code don't run

Question asked by takniki.vindhyachal on Aug 13, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2015 by Clive One
1. I am using STM32F205, with serial wire debug, composing reset, clk, data & gnd pins.
2. Whenever I connect debugger my code runs perfectly. But without debugger, sometimes code just don't run. I am toggling a pin which never happens. it happens only sometimes.
3. No other clk init is done, so default 16Mhz clck, as soon as MCU power up, I keep on toggling pin. No code in between so couldn't be memory access other or anything. So pin toggle.
3. I have 0.1uf cap on reset pin & 10k pull down on boot pins.
4. However I have left swclk & swdata pins float.
5. I had checked below link & connected 10k pull down to clk & 10k pull-up to data.

6.Code is running now. I will check multiple times before reaching conclusion, but any idea on this.